Name Jelly
Gender Female
Weight Small (6.0kg)
Date of Birth April 24, 2022
Breed Mixed
Neutered X
Vaccinated In progress
Rescue Location #NeglectedDogsInAShed
Characteristics Shy, likes dog friends, charming, timid, sensitive
Likes Treats, toys, dog friends, ripping apart objects, sofa
Dislikes Loud noises, being touched suddenly, being held
Possessiveness None

Rescue Story
WEACT headed to a rural village in Mungyeong after receiving a report about dogs being neglected in a shed. Their former owner had been ignorant of the importance of spay/neuter and of how dogs should be cared for in general, leading to the dogs suffering neglect that bordered on abuse. It took three separate trips to rescue the 48 dogs, who had been living in a filthy environment for a long time. #weact_jelly was one of the precious souls who managed to survive in this harsh environment, and he has finally started to get to know the big, beautiful world outside the shed.

“Hard on the outside, soft on the inside!" Having lived in a shed for all her life, Jelly was scared of everything. She was especially afraid of being touched by others that she could only go on walks while being held by her foster mom. Now, Jelly gets excited about going outside when she picks up the leash! She’s still getting used to being in crowded places but she’s bravely walking alongside her mom! Our cute pup loves to run around and play, and she’s spending each day busily adjusting to this unfamiliar world. Ever since she’s been spending time with her foster mom, Jelly has looked much happier. If you wait just a little bit, you’ll get to know her charming side.

With humans
Jelly is still uncomfortable around humans. Though she’s curious about them, she doesn’t approach them first. Jelly barks excitedly when her foster mom comes home, but she still doesn’t like to be touched. Even if she sometimes approaches people and nudges them with her nose, please avoid touching her! Don’t worry, there are two ways to win her heart! If you give Jelly treats and play fetch with her using squeaky toys, you’ll be able to get close to her in no time.

With dogs
It takes Jelly a bit of time to befriend other dogs as she's shy. She watches out for those that approach her first so it is necessary to maintain distance between them to prevent other dog friends from getting startled. Jelly takes her sweet time sniffing and getting to know her friends, but she also initiates play too! She likes dogs more than people and loves sharing her toys with her friends. Jelly is loving and knows the joy of sharing her food and treats with her canine pals :-).

With cats
Jelly has never met a cat.

Energy Level
Jelly is very high energy! She loves to run around and play! Even when she gets tired, a nice cool drink of water is all it takes to get her back up and running again!

Jelly does shed a bit. When her foster mom comes home, she barks out of excitement but other than that, she doesn't bark.

Needs help with
Jelly has 100% mastered the use of potty pads! The hustle and bustle of the city, with all its unfamiliar sounds, is still scary for Jelly. Please help her adapt to city life with desensitization training so she can become less afraid of motorcycles and other loud noises. Because Jelly has almost no positive memories of people, she will need help learning to trust them. She gets nervous about going into her kennel, so it would also be great to teach her that it's a safe, comfortable space.

Health Specifics
Jelly is healthy.

Ideal family
Jelly finds comfort in having a canine pal around, so it would be great if she could live with a family that already has a dog as it'll help her adjust to her new life. Jelly gets terrified when people suddenly try to hold or touch her. Please be patient with her and wait till she becomes comfortable enough to approach her family first. If she lets you touch her, remember that she loves being touched on the cheeks near her ears :) Since Jelly likes spending time with other dogs, you would ideally give her lots of opportunities for outdoor activities so she can play with other dogs. Jelly especially likes playing with her squeaky toy! Won't you be her forever family so you can listen to her adorable squeaky musical performances?

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