Name Noah
Gender Male
Weight Small (8kg)
Date of Birth April 24, 2022
Breed Mixed
Neutered O
Vaccinated Complete
Rescue Location #NeglectedDogsInAShed
Characteristics Shy, energizer, affectionate, jealous
Likes Treats, walks, toys, dog friends, running, foster parents, gentle pets
Dislikes Being alone, sudden movements and noises
Rescue story
WEACT headed to a rural village in Mungyeong after receiving a report about dogs being neglected in a shed. Their former owner had been ignorant of the importance of spay/neuter and of how dogs should be cared for in general, leading to the dogs suffering neglect that bordered on abuse. It took three separate trips to rescue the 48 dogs, who had been living in a filthy environment for a long time. #weact_noah was one of the precious souls who managed to survive in this harsh environment, and he has finally started to get to know the big, beautiful world outside the shed.

Because Noah grew up in a crowded shed with no light, he’s wary of strangers and unfamiliar objects. He was always on his guard to protect himself, but he changed upon experiencing gentle pets from humans. Now, Noah’s become the most affectionate, cheerful puppy! He loves treats so much that he will bravely approach strangers for a bite. He is also so good-natured that even if other dogs take his treats, he will not get angry. It takes about three days to a week to befriend Noah. If you wait patiently, Noah will cuddle with you before falling asleep and greet you happily when you come home.

With humans
Noah loves his foster parents more than anything else in the world! Once he warms up to someone, he will follow them even to the bathroom. Noah doesn’t have much interest in new people and will only approach them if they have treats. But if his foster parents are nearby, he will allow strangers to pet his head. By creating positive experiences with people and building trust, Noah will be able to become properly socialized with them.

With dogs
Noah is a super gentleman and gets along with most dogs. He especially loves to run, and if his friends start running, he will chase them as fast as Usain Bolt! We think Noah is a mini Australian Shepherd mix, and given that he’s a herding dog, he likes to play tag and make funny sounds. Some small dogs may get scared of this sound but it’s just a way of Noah being friendly!

With cats
Noah likes to take naps with cats and even help them with grooming. But once the cat starts running, Noah will chase it nonstop. It may be difficult for him to be around if the cat likes to be left alone.

Energy level
Noah is a high-energy dog that even if he runs around the park for two to three hours, he’ll feel recharged after a short nap. He needs at least two long walks a day.

Noah will shed quite a bit. There’s a bark for every mood he has; for example, he’ll get so excited when running around and give bursts of high-pitched bark. Noah also gets protective of his space so he’ll bark if a stranger enters the home.

Needs help with
Because Noah is still a puppy, he likes to chew on cables and tear up fabric. This may be because he wasn’t able to do so while he was teething in the dirty shed. Since Noah engages in territorial barking, it will be helpful to use positive reinforcement to reduce this behavior. He also walks on two legs when overly excited so please refrain from encouraging this behavior and only reward him when he calms down.

Health specifics
Noah produces excessive tears, and we thought this was due to allergies in his food. We ran various tests, but we were not able to find what he was reacting to.

Ideal family
Noah’s looking for an active family who can show him how to have even more fun in life! It would be even better if they are interested in canine behavior enrichment. While Noah will be just fine growing up as an only child, he will do incredibly well with dog siblings. Noah is looking for a loving, forever family who will make him look forward to each new day!

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