Name Kangkang
Gender Male
Weight Small (4.8kg)
Date of Birth September 10, 2014
Breed Mixed
Neutered O
Vaccinated Complete
Rescue Location #NeglectedDogsInAShed
Characteristics Lively, gentle, friendly
Training Outdoor potty, crate
Likes Walks, people, being held, marking, dogs
Dislikes None
Possessiveness None

Rescue Story
WEACT headed to a rural village in Mungyeong after receiving a report about dogs being neglected in a shed. Their former owner had been ignorant of the importance of spay/neuter and of how dogs should be cared for in general, leading to the dogs suffering neglect that bordered on abuse. It took three separate trips to rescue the 48 dogs, who had been living in a filthy environment for a long time. #weact_kangkang was one of the precious souls who managed to survive in this harsh environment, and he has finally started to get to know the big, beautiful world outside the shed.

Kangkang is so sweet and gentle that he’s friendly with everyone and lets them touch him! When he saw #weact_doug trembling in fear after being rescued and moving to a new environment, Kangkang was super nice to him. He was nervous about getting a bath and deworming meds at first, but he took it all in stride – he manages to keep calm in any situation! Kangkang is great at going for walks too. When he finds a spot he likes, he marks it and continues on with a spring in his step, and he loves trotting around the playground on his cute little legs. He’s gentle and laid-back but also full of curiosity – he likes to see who his visitors are from the front of his pen, and his ears prick up when he hears various sounds around The Home :)

With humans
"I’m the nicest dog around at The Home!” Kangkang accepts pets from strangers and loves interacting with humans so much that he’ll let them pet him all over and show them his belly. He isn’t afraid or uncomfortable around them – it’s almost as if he’s lived with people all his life. Kangkang hasn’t met children yet, but he’d probably do well with them too.

With dogs
Kangkang gets along very well with the ​​friends he used to live with in the shed. He’s very sociable and knows how to approach other dogs gently.

With cats
Kangkang has never met a cat.

Energy Level
Kangkang isn’t high energy but he does prefer to go potty outdoors, so frequent, short walks would be good. Instead of taking one long walk per day, break it up into several short walks!

Kangkang sheds quite a bit. He doesn’t bark.

Needs help with
Kangkang prefers to go potty outdoors and hasn’t quite gotten the hang of using potty pads indoors. Please patiently help him with his potty training :)

Health Specifics
Kangkang has lost some teeth so he’s taking a thrombolytic agent. Care needs to be taken so he doesn’t eat hard foods such as bones. You’ll need to check his teeth regularly and give them thorough care.

Ideal family
Kangkang takes everything in stride! There’s nothing he fears or dislikes, so he’ll quickly adapt to any environment. But since he likes his canine friends, it’d be ideal if he could go to a home with other dogs. Kangkang is only just starting to see the world outside the shed. We would love for him to have a variety of experiences such as visits to the dog park and other outdoor activities. Since he loves the breeze and fresh air so much, it’d be even better if his family likes nature. Sweet Kangkang is waiting for a forever family!

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