Name Only
Gender Female
Weight Small (9kg)
Date of Birth June 1, 2021
Breed Jindo mix
Neutered O
Vaccinated In progress
Rescue Location Jeongeup
Characteristics Mama's girl, loves humans, sweetie pie, affectionate
Training Leash trained, harness trained, uses pee pads, outdoor potty trained, knows “sit”, recall trained
Likes Her human mom, people, treats
Dislikes Big and sudden movements, loud noises, baths, water
Possessiveness Possessive over her mom

Rescue Story
One day we heard of ‘a man that swings around a small puppy’. When we rushed to the site, we found #weact_only and #weact_chunli tied to a 1m leash, and baby pup #weact_shorty . A peek in their water bowls revealed how little care they had received. Despite that, their owner insisted they were taking good care of the dogs. Only, Chunli, and Shorty were rescued after a long, but successful, fight.

Only loves people. She has no qualms trusting her foster mom and will greet strangers with a wagging tail. But she’s wary of people that suddenly approach her. In her past, sudden movements always led to pain. Let her know you are coming, slowly, and give her time to sniff your hands first and she will welcome you with her charming smile! Our smart Only is also very observant. She’ll find out what actions lead to compliments and learn them. Her biggest happiness is being patted in the comfort of foster mom’s embrace. Only is a sweetie that won’t be shy from expressing her love.

With humans
Only really likes people and is open to meeting strangers. Male or female doesn’t matter, but she does have a preference for female people. Anyone who meets her gaze will be pummeled with affection so be ready to pat her!

With dogs
Only isn’t uncomfortable being in one place with other dogs, but she avoids extroverted friends that push themselves into her space. With like-minded, quiet friends Only is happy to share her time, toys, and even snacks. But she does get jealous for her mom’s attention.

With cats
Only is curious about cats. She’s never lived with a cat yet but when she meets them on walks, she’ll always show good interest. With careful introduction, Only shouldn’t have any trouble living with cats.

Energy Level
Only spends most of her time indoors lying down. On walks, too, she prefers to go slowly, sniffing her surroundings instead of running and pouncing.

She sheds a little, but brush her once morning and night and it isn’t a problem. No barking, neither.

Needs help with
Only has slight separation anxiety. She can wait without problem when foster mom goes out, but she shows signs of distress for a short time right after separation. Please continue to let Only know that being alone doesn’t need to be scary.

Health Specifics
Only received treatment for heartworms after rescue. Now she is perfectly healthy!

Ideal family
Only is a real mama’s girl. She likes to follow her foster mom around, observing what she does and lying down next to mom whenever possible. An ideal family for Only would be someone who can pat and hug and give warm kisses to Only as much as she needs. She would also do better as the only daughter. We are looking for a family that can share Only’s love for affection!

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