Name Kim
Weight Small (9.4kg)
Date of Birth September 11, 2021
Breed Mixed
Neutered X
Vaccinated In progress
Rescue Location Uljin Wildfire
Training Crate trained,

Rescue Story
Uljin was swallowed up in flames and left in ashes. WEACT visited Wooljin over the span of 3 days, rescuing a total of 30 dogs. In the midst of chaos, 19 of these 30 dogs were originally taken in to safety by The Wooljin Animal Shelter. Kim was one of these 19. Before we visited the shelter, we told the shelter manager that we’d take those in need of medical care, those that are soon to be euthanized, and those that won’t likely be adopted in Korea. And so, WEACT ended up taking in even the ones with a tendency to bite, and ones that were labeled to be “a lot of work”.

Kim loves humans! She won’t approach everyone from the start screaming “I love you!!” but she’ll show interest in strangers and sniff around (with excellent manners) so she can get to know them. She’s not sensitive to being touched so she’ll let strangers pet her as well. She also makes friends super easily so you can always see her running around and playing with her other dog friends at our playground.

With humans
The lovable Kim does like humans, but will take her time to approach you at first. After a brief inspection, she’ll wag her tail around and turn into the adorable lovebug that she is!

With dogs
Making friends with other dogs is not a challenge for her. She’s always out running and playing with her friends!

With cats
Kim has never met a cat before.

Energy Level
As a dog that is overflowing with energy, Kim needs 2 or more walks per day.

There is some shedding depending on the season. She does not bark to demand for things.

Needs help with
She needs some leash training and potty training. She doesn’t know any basic commands yet, but she’s such a focused dog that she’ll learn new tricks in no time!

Health Specifics
Super healthy with no major health concerns!

Ideal family
She’s an energetic puppy with a huge love for humans that she needs an abundant amount of love and attention from her family. If you provide her with an appropriate amount of training and plenty of new experiences, she’ll grow to be your best loving four legged friend! While she’ll be just fine growing up as an only child, if she were to have another dog sibling with a similar amount of energy level, she’ll do incredibly well. A family that has the time to take her out to dog parks where she can run around with other dogs would be perfect for Kim. The adorable and fun loving Kim is waiting for a furever family that’s going to provide her with lots of happy memories!

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