Name Bumblebee
Weight Small (6.6kg)
Date of Birth July 31, 2022
Breed Mixed
Neutered X
Vaccinated In progress
Rescue Location Jeongeup

Rescue Story
WEACT headed to Jeongeup after receiving a video of a tiny puppy struggling as a man swung it around by the snout. That dog was Shorty. After arriving at the scene, WEACT also found Only and Chunli, who were tied up on very short chains. You could tell by the state of their water bowls how much neglect they’d suffered and what kind of environment they’d lived in, yet the owner insisted that he was doing a good job of raising the dogs. After a long confrontation, the owner finally surrendered the dogs, and that’s how Only, Chunli, and Shorty came into WEACT’s care. Chunli was pregnant at the time of rescue and soon gave birth to #weact_bumblebee, #weact_ferrari, #weact_fairy, #weact_hyory, #weact_bentley, #weact_dali, and #weact_kory, who all became part of the WEACT family.

Bumblebee is definitely an extrovert! He’s an energetic young pup who’s loved by humans and dogs alike! Bumblebee knows no fear. There are so many things in the world that pique his interest and curiosity! Strangers, doorbells, motorcycles zooming by — there’s nothing scary about any of those things. Bumblebee especially likes to play with his toys, and he has tons of fun when playing tug or with other string-like toys! Bumblebee loves spending time with his family, so much so that he gets annoyed if he feels left out when he’s in the same room as them.

With humans
Bumblebee adores people. He follows his family around wherever they go and even gets along with strangers. He allows strangers to pet him and hold him, and once some time has passed, those strangers are no longer strangers to him. You’ll often find him signaling that he wants to play and unleashing a storm of affection. He gets along with everyone, regardless of who they are! But that doesn't mean he spends all day begging people to play. He’s happy to spend time alone if he can just keep his little bum parked next to his humans.

With dogs
Bumblebee loves dogs! Whenever he spots another dog, he hops over to play with them. He climbs onto the back of the dog he’s currently living with and signals that he wants to play, but he still needs to learn some manners for interacting with his canine friends. Once he’s learned to be more polite, he’ll be a complete social butterfly!

With cats
Bumblebee has never met a cat before, but he seems fascinated when he sees one outside the window.

Energy Level
Bumblebee is very energetic. He gets the zoomies at least two or three times a day! Once he starts playing with a toy, an hour can fly by in no time.

We’re still trying to gauge how much he sheds. He rarely barks.

Needs help with
Bumblebee is 70-80% successful in going potty indoors. He’ll need further training so he can hit 100%. He’s still learning “down” and being in his crate. He’s currently spending time in his kennel sleeping or eating so he can feel comfortable in there, so he’ll soon master crate training as well. Bumblebee doesn’t have separation anxiety, but he dislikes being home alone for long periods of time, so we hope you can teach him that alone time can be nice too!

Health Specifics
Bumblebee seems to have an umbilical hernia.

Ideal family
Bumblebee loves other dogs, so ideally he’d go to a home where there’s already a dog. Families with multiple dogs would be great too. As a puppy, Bumblebee still has so much to learn and experience! An active family who can walk him frequently and give him lots of diverse experiences such as visits to the dog park would be ideal, especially since he’s so full of curiosity and so fearless. Since Bumblebee isn’t very sensitive to noise, he’ll do just fine living in a city or in an apartment, or any type of living space. And since he likes all humans, any type of family is probably okay, but it would be nice if he could be adopted by a family who can devote a lot of time to him. Because Bumblebee doesn’t like to lose, if he receives training where he has negative experiences, he might become defiant. So all training must be conducted as positive reinforcement training. Bumblebee is waiting for a forever family who can patiently continue to train him with positive reinforcement!

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