Name Chun-li
Gender Female
Weight Small (6.7kg)
Date of Birth June 14, 2021
Breed Mixed
Neutered X
Vaccinated In progress
Rescue Location Jeongeup
Characteristics Sweet, energetic, affectionate
Training Outdoor potty, knows “sit” and “wait”
Likes Treats, food, foster mom, walks, people
Dislikes Loud noises, dogs
Possessiveness None

Rescue Story
WEACT headed to Jeongeup after receiving a video of a tiny puppy struggling as a man swung it around by the snout. That dog was Shorty. After arriving at the scene, WEACT also found Only and Chun-li, who were tied up on very short chains. You could tell by the state of their water bowls how much neglect they’d suffered and what kind of environment they’d lived in, yet the owner insisted that he was doing a good job of raising the dogs. After a long confrontation, the owner finally surrendered the dogs, and that’s now Only, Chun-li, and Shorty came into WEACT’s care.

Chun-li is the world's biggest sweetheart! Even though she has painful memories of being hurt by people, she quickly opened up to her foster mom. Perhaps it was her foster mom’s warmth and love that helped her start trusting people – she’s so friendly that she even greets strangers with a wagging tail! Chun-li never leaves her foster mom's side and LOVES being scratched on her neck. She’s also super duper smart! When she gets excited on her walks and starts running, when her foster mom says “wait,” she walks in step with her. There’s nothing this talented pupper can’t do!

With humans
Chun-li gets very attached to people and is sure to become glued to her forever family when she finds them! She loves to snuggle up to her foster mom. She’s sometimes wary of strangers who are men, but if you approach her slowly, she soon allows you to pet her. She doesn’t have much experience meeting children, but judging by how she’s been so far, she’ll probably get along well with them

With dogs
Chun-li recently gave birth to eight puppies and is still in the process of getting vaccinated, so she hasn't been able to meet many dogs yet. She tends to be wary of dogs she’s seeing for the first time. She got along well with #weact_only, who she was rescued with.

With cats
Chun-li has never met a cat. She passes cats on her walks without really reacting to them.

Energy Level
Chun-li is usually quite calm, but she gets super energetic on walks when she breathes in the fresh air! Short, frequent walks are better for her than one long walk. She also likes to go potty outdoors, so she needs at least two walks a day.

Chun-li sheds a lot during shedding season. She rarely barks, but she sometimes barks at dogs she sees on her walks to warn them off.

Needs help with
Chun-li is afraid of loud noises – she’s especially afraid of the sound of buses and the subway when she’s out for walks – so desensitization training would be good for her so she can overcome her fear. Chun-li has a bit of an appetite, so she sometimes secretly steals treats when people aren’t looking. She’ll need training to not eat anything other than what she’s given by humans. She doesn’t particularly dislike the kennel, but she hasn’t received proper crate training yet. Please teach her that it’s a safe, comfortable space.

Health Specifics
Chun-li was found to be pregnant while she was being treated for heartworm disease. She’ll resume treatment after recovering from giving birth.

Ideal family
Chun-li loves to stick close to people! Any home where she can snuggle up to her humans would be great. But since Chun-li is a little wary of dogs she isn’t familiar with, it’d be best for her to be an only dog. She also gets spooked by noises outside, so a quiet environment would be best. She’s waiting for a forever family who’ll give her lots of tasty treats and scratch her full tummy!

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