Name Poa
Gender Female
Weight Small (5.0kg)
Date of Birth January 2, 2017
Breed Pomeranian
Neutered O
Vaccinated Complete
Rescue Location Namyangju puppy mill
Characteristics Affectionate, curious, attention seeker, jealous
Likes Attention, pats, walks, dog friends, playground, treats
Dislikes Middle-aged men
Possessiveness None

Rescue Story
Poa was one of around 250 dogs rescued from the Namyangju puppy mill, where small purebred dogs were being illegally bred for sale. Poa was repeatedly subjected to unwanted pregnancy and birth while being fed food waste in a place that reeked of ammonia from years of accumulated waste, all so that humans could make a profit. The day WEACT rescued her, she was finally able to escape this cycle of abuse and start life as an ordinary dog.

“Aunties and uncles, look at me!” It’s impossible not to fall in love with Poa at first sight. She has a heart full of love and approaches you first to shower you with affection. Her eyes, full of curiosity, are always fixed on humans, and visitors to The Home can’t help but stop to see Poa one last time before they leave when they see her gentle eyes. Poa loves people more than anything and will flop on her back to ask for belly rubs. She’s also a brave little girl who takes her medicine even though it’s really bitter.

With humans
“All the aunties and uncles who come to The Home are mine! Look at me, and me only!” Poa loves everyone – even strangers – if they show interest in her and give her lots of attention. She likes almost all people regardless of age and gender, but she seems a little uncomfortable with middle-aged men. She’s also not a huge fan of tight hugs or kisses.

With dogs
“All the dogs at The Home are my friends!” Poa is a super sociable pup who gets along with all her canine friends. She may be small, but she’s very confident and won’t let others bully her. If the other dog doesn’t show interest in her, she won’t approach them – what a polite young lady!

With cats
Poa has never met a cat.

Energy Level
Poa’s not particularly high energy – one walk per day should be sufficient. She loves to run around in the playground and going for walks to take in the fresh air, so please make sure she gets to do lots of outdoor activities.

Poa sheds a lot. Because she lives with lots of other dogs at The Home, she sometimes barks when she wants something, but this sort of barking will probably stop once she meets a family who dedicates their attention to her.

Needs help with
Poa has a 90% success rate with potty pads! She sometimes makes mistakes because she gets confused between pads and rugs. She’s crate trained and recognizes her kennel as a safe space. After living her whole life at the puppy mill, she’s a little wary of middle-aged men. She’ll need to form positive associations with them to build trust and make her less nervous around them.

Health Specifics
Poa sheds a lot of tears. The cause is assumed to be an allergy. She’ll need continued observation and care.

Ideal family
Poa gets very attached to people and tends to get jealous, so it would be best for her to go to a home where she’ll be the only dog. She hasn’t met young children yet, but based on our observations of her personality so far, she’ll likely do well with them. Poa likes to walk in step with people and enjoys smelling the fresh air and flowers. Now she just needs a forever family who can spend every season of the year with her!

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