Name Storm
Gender Male
Weight Small (9.5kg)
Date of Birth May 16, 2022
Breed Samoyed
Neutered X
Vaccinated In progress
Rescue Location Backyard breeder
Characteristics Loves people, loves dogs, super affectionate, social butterfly
Training Potty trained, recall trained, goes for walks
Likes Treats, toys, friends
Dislikes None
Possessiveness None

Rescue Story
Back in 2020, #weact_Odette, the mom of the family of dogs that was rescued from neglect in Yangsan, gave birth to eight puppies. One of them was sold off to a backyard breeder, and that dog then gave birth to seven puppies of her own this year. When the breeder tried to sell them online, WEACT pretended to be interested in buying a puppy to meet the seller and confirm that they were breeding and selling dogs illegally. It took a lot of effort, but WEACT managed to convince them to have the mother dog spayed and to surrender #weact_Storm and #weact_Rain.

Storm is entertained by just about everything! A curious and fearless little gentleman, he's willing to give anything a shot. He gets super excited when he meets other dogs on his walks, though he hasn't quite figured out how to play with them yet. He's got a lot to learn, but we're sure this clever boy will figure things out in no time! Storm especially enjoys playing with his canine foster sibling, but he sometimes finds himself being slightly overpowered since he’s still young. When that happens, he lets out a big “WOOF.” He likes to play, but he doesn't like to lose!

With humans
"I love people! I love adults! And babies! I love them all!! Who wants to play with meee?" Storm turns on the charm as soon as he sees people! He likes them all, regardless of age and gender.

With dogs
Storm is friendly with pretty much any dog. Big or small, he wants to greet them all! He’s a social butterfly who takes the initiative to approach other dogs first, including his foster sibling, wagging his tail in an invitation to play!

With cats
Storm has never met a cat.

Energy Level
Storm is an energetic pup. He loves playing with his canine foster sibling, but he also needs plenty of walks. Like a baby, he sometimes falls asleep right after running around, but when he wakes up, he’s ready to go again!

Storm sheds a lot. He hardly ever barks, but he does bark a bit when his foster mom leaves him home alone or when he’s playing with his foster sibling.

Needs help with
Storm is working hard to perfect the art of doing his business on potty pads. He currently has an 80% success rate. He tugs at the leash when walking, so he needs practice matching his guardian's pace. Because Storm loves people so much, he gets bored when he’s alone and will bark sometimes. He’ll need to be taught that alone time is okay too! Our genius Storm has already mastered commands such as sit, paw, and high five. He's now learning "stay" in preparation to meet his forever family, and he’s ready to learn even more tricks!

Health Specifics
Storm's hind legs are slightly bent. The cause is presumed to be genetic. Since Storm is still growing, excessive exercise should be avoided and walks should be limited to light walks of about 30 minutes each twice a day. Storm will need regular check-ups to monitor how his legs are changing as he grows older.

Ideal family
It would be great if Storm could live with a big family so he can get all the love he craves. Since he loves playing with dogs as much as he loves people, it would be even more ideal if he has a canine sibling who can match his energy levels. Storm is still young and has a lot to learn about the human world. He needs attentive parents who can provide the right healthcare for his age and give him diverse experiences in this crucial socialization period. Storm is patiently waiting for a forever family who can show him the world and give him the care he needs to grow into a fine young gentledog!.

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