Name Zag
Gender Male
Weight Large (30kg)
Date of Birth July 16, 2020
Breed Malamute
Neutered O
Vaccinated In progress
Rescue Location Boknal slaughter in Jeongeup
Characteristics Energizer, people lover, dog lover, bundle of love
Training Knows “sit”
Likes People, toys, dogs, treats
Dislikes None
Possessiveness None

Rescue Story
At dawn on Boknal this year, WEACT rushed to Jeongeup after receiving a report that someone would be slaughtering dogs in a small village there. Around 5 a.m. that day, we saw four dogs still alive and well, wagging their tails at their owner. But before we knew it, two of them were slaughtered. In order to save the remaining dogs, WEACT persuaded their owner to surrender them, and that’s how #weact_zag and #weact_lime ended up in our arms.

Zag is always looking forward to spending time with people – he wags his tail and makes eye contact with all the aunties and uncles who pass by his pen. There may be people who have never once seen Zag, but there’s probably no one who’s only seen Zag once! He’s okay with anything, even baths and being dried, as long as he can be around people. He also loves being brushed. He just can’t stand it when his aunties and uncles don’t look at him – he’ll bark to remind them, “I’m here! Don’t forget me!” With his devilish charm, you won’t be able to resist spending time with him!

With humans
“I love women! I love men! I love people! I love them all!” Zag hasn’t met babies or young children yet, but Zag loves people in general. He’ll show affection by rubbing himself against everyone he meets as soon as he sees them – that’s how much he loves humans!

With dogs
Zag shows no interest in most dogs, but he generally gets along well with them. He won’t approach dogs that don’t seem friendly to him, and he’s a calm gentleman who won’t react or get upset even when other dogs aggressively run at him.

With cats
Zag has never met a cat.

Energy Level
Zag is a very active dog! He likes to pee and poop outdoors, so he needs at least two walks a day for about an hour each time. If he gets to exercise to his heart’s content, he’ll spend the rest of his time relaxing in his pen. He also likes spending time out in the playground. And if you can regularly take Zag out for activities other than walking, he’s sure to love it!

Zag loses a lot of hair during shedding season, as well as other times. He requires regular brushing. Zag usually doesn’t bark, but he does bark when telling people he wants to play – as soon as someone enters his pen, the barking stops. If Zag lives with a family who consistently gives him attention, we expect that he won’t bark.

Needs help with
Zag doesn’t require further help with anything in particular, but getting him crate trained will help him relax more. Also, teaching him “wait” to control his excitement level might make for an even more enjoyable life with Zag.

Health Specifics
Zag was diagnosed with fungal dermatitis and received treatment for it. He’s all better now, but since he’s so hairy, he needs regular skincare and controlled humidity levels inside the house. Other than that, he has no health issues!

Ideal family
Zag is looking for a mom and dad who’ll pat his head while looking into his eyes! Zag is the most affectionate dog in the world. He’s the epitome of friendliness and loves everyone, which means he always wants to be around people. A large, vibrant family is probably better for him than a small one. Mom, Dad, are you out there? Will you take me for lots of walks and throw balls for me? Having a family who can take him out for fun walks and spend time with him afterwards would make Zag the happiest dog in the world!

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