Name Borris
Gender Male
Weight Medium (13kg)
Date of Birth July 19, 2017
Breed Mixed
Neutered O
Vaccinated Complete
Rescue Location Uljin wildfire
Characteristics Loves to play, needs to go potty outdoors, loves dog friends but likes being a loner sometimes
Training Leash training in progress, outdoor potty trained
Likes Outdoor play area, dog friends, walks, treats
Dislikes Strangers, loud noises, people who approach suddenly, dogs who run at him, going potty inside
Possessiveness None

Rescue Story
This past spring, Uljin was devastated by a wildfire that left it in ashes. WEACT visited the area twice over the course of three days to rescue dogs who were trembling in fear in front of their charred houses. Of the 30 dogs that WEACT rescued from the Uljin wildfire, 19 were from the Uljin City Shelter, where they’d been protected from life-threatening fires. When the fire suddenly spread near the shelter, the dogs were moved to a safe place, but the large dogs had to remain outside in the cold inside their cramped kennels, with only a blanket protecting them from the wind. The sight of Borris broke our hearts as he huddled in the corner of his kennel with his head down and dead ticks all over his body because he wouldn’t allow anyone to touch him. Though Borris had managed to survive the wildfire, he was highly likely to be put on the euthanasia list because he was so afraid of humans. That’s when WEACT took him in.

When Borris first got to The Home, he refused to look people in the eye. If people passed by his pen or entered to clean it, he would hide in the corner of his kennel along with #weact_Rosaline and growl. We ended up separating them as their fearfulness wasn’t helping each other, but they seemed to become anxious as a result. But now that he’s sharing a pen with a more outgoing friend, Borris has begun to learn through observation how to approach people. He’s slowly opening up and now lets humans touch him! Borris is a fast learner who learns through observation even without special training. He's a very smart boy, full of curiosity! But the outside world is still scary for Borris. When he goes for walks, he tenses up when he sees fast-moving objects such as cars, bicycles or motorcycles, but when his foster mom steps in to hide him from view, he trusts her and relaxes a bit. It's now possible to touch Borris, but he hates it if you try to touch him too suddenly. If you approach him slowly, he'll be ready to fully enjoy your touch! Please give Borris the time he needs to open up to you.

With humans
People are the scariest thing in the world for Borris. He was put on the euthanasia list at the city shelter because he’d try to bite people, but he's never done that at The Home or his foster home! Smart Borris can immediately recognize people who like him, and he'll remain in the arms of both male and female strangers, as long as they seem loving towards him. He even sleeps next to his foster dad. He's never been very close to a baby before, but based on how he's opened his heart to his foster mom and dad, we think he'd make a wonderful big brother.

With dogs
Borris gets along well with his dog friends. But when he gets excited, he likes to hit them with his front paws, which not all of his friends enjoy. Aside from that, he doesn’t show negative reactions or overexcitement even when he’s out in the play area with a bunch of friends. He’s especially close with dogs who are similar to him in temperament. If you have a dog who likes dogs, Borris will probably come to rely on them a lot.

With cats
Borris has never met a cat.

Energy Level
Borris was given medicine for a bladder infection when we found him whimpering and not peeing at all indoors, but all of that was resolved when we sent him out into the play area where he took a nice, long pee. Borris needs to go outside at least three times a day to do his business. Borris looks so much happier and has a much better appetite now than before, when he was huddled inside his pen. He loves to run around and play, but he also knows to take a break afterwards.

Borris sheds a lot, and his long hair requires regular brushing. He rarely barks but will sometimes do so when he wants something.

Needs help with
Borris doesn’t know any commands yet, but when you open the door to his pen, he’ll run out to the play area. When he’s ready to come back inside, he’ll let you know and go right back in his pen when you open the door again. He isn’t crate trained but will try to go into his kennel if he’s scared or anxious because it’s his safe space. Borris needs desensitization training for moving objects.

Health Specifics
Borris has no allergies. He’s very skinny right now, so attention needs to be paid to his nutrition.

Ideal family
If there’s already another dog in the family, it would be best if they can match Borris’s energy rather than being too high energy. Because Borris only does his business outdoors, he needs at least three walks per day. Borris has come a long way since the days when he’d growl at or try to bite people – at the Home, he allowed himself to get vaccinated and lets people touch him. However, he’s still afraid of strangers or new volunteers, so an environment with lots of people around is most likely not suitable for him. He hasn’t met a child yet. When an eight-year-old visited The Home, other dogs such as Oppor started barking, but Borris has never reacted that way, so a family with children might be okay.

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