Name Cielo
Gender Female
Weight MEDIUM(13.7kg)
Date of Birth 29th Jan, 2020
Breed Jindo Mix
Neutered O
Vaccinated Completed
Rescue Location Hwaseong dog meat farm
Training Leash trained,Potty trained,Recall trained,

Rescue Story
In 2021, WEACT rescued everyone found at Hwaseong dog meat farm. Being exposed to heat and cold 365 days a year and being forced to sustain themselves on rotten leftovers had left all the dogs in terrible condition. Moreover, when we revisited the site a year later, we found three new dogs kept captive. One was tied to such a short leash that it couldn’t even move away from its feces. There was also Cielo who couldn’t even stand up by herself. She had been neglected with thighbone dysplasia and dislocation of both patellae.

Cielo loves to play! Toys, friends, going on walks – the world is full of so many ways to play. When Cielo goes on walks with foster mom, she sometimes wants to go running. She gets so happy when foster mom runs with her. Cielo loves all forms of fun, but balls and tug plays never fail.

With humans
With patience, Cielo can be friends with anyone. Though a man was the cause of her trauma, Cielo doesn’t discriminate. But she does relax more with women. Because of her past, it is hard for Cielo to be immediately friendly with strangers, but give her space and time and Cielo will bravely approach first! If you wait for Cielo, you will be graced with the Cielo-special-kisses.

With dogs
Little puppy Cielo loves to play with friends. Big, small, old and young doesn’t matter as long as they are willing to wag tails. Cielo is also happy to give up snacks to friends.

With cats
Cielo wants to play with cats.

Energy Level
Pup-ergizer Cielo! Slow, leisurely walks are great but energetic runs are better. Cielo can handle two walks a day with ease! Put in toys and walks, and 24 hours are not enough time for playing.

Cielo sheds every day, especially in the spring and fall. She usually doesn’t bark, but she might greet you with a short, friendly bark when too excited or happy.

Needs help with
Cielo is completely fine with being alone and isn’t bothered when mom and dad goes out. But strange sounds, loud noises, and big movements are scary.

Health Specifics
Cielo has been treated with surgeries in both her thighbone and patellae. After a long rehabilitation, Cielo is no longer in pain. But to retain her healthy state, it is important to give Cielo enough exercise regularly and keep her muscles strong.

Ideal family
Since Cielo loves to play with friends so much, she would do better with doggy siblings than as the only daughter. Mom and dad are wonderful but having a friend to waggle with is also so much fun! But Cielo can be scared or nervous about being approached or touched suddenly, so small children might not be ideal. Families with teenagers or adult members will have an easier time. Cielo is waiting for a family to go on energetic walks with her at least twice a day!

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