Name Binny
Gender Female
Weight SMALL(4.6kg)
Date of Birth 16th Dec, 2016
Breed Maltese
Neutered O
Vaccinated Complete
Rescue Location Namyangju Breeding Village
Training Leash trained,Uses Pee Pads,Potty trained,Knows “Sit”,Knows “Wait”,Recall trained,

Rescue Story
Binny was one of around 250 dogs rescued from the Namyangju puppy mill, where small purebred dogs were being illegally bred for sale. Binny was repeatedly subjected to unwanted pregnancy and birth while being fed food waste in a place that reeked of ammonia from years of accumulated waste, all so that humans could make a profit. The day WEACT rescued her, she was finally able to escape this cycle of abuse and start life as an ordinary dog.

Binny prefers to be approached slowly. She used to hide in front of strangers, but she’s recently started approaching people she’s meeting for the first time and allowing herself to be held. She loves being petted, especially on her head and under her chin! But she hates it when you swoop down from above to pick her up or try to touch her paws, so you’ll need to be mindful of that. Bath time is still hard for Binny, but she’s bravely trying to get used to it. She gets less anxious if you start by shampooing her body slowly, and she’s great when being dried and brushed.

With humans
Binny isn’t super duper affectionate, but she’ll allow strangers to touch her and will even approach them in a cool, almost indifferent manner. She tends to get along well with small children and seems to like women better than men.

With dogs
Binny is very well behaved with her canine friends, and she’s come to lean on the dog she lives with.

With cats
Binny has never met a cat.

Energy Level
Leashing her and taking her outside is a pretty smooth process, but she often gets over-excited when preparing to go for a walk and needs to be calmed down. It’s best to keep the leash short when walking her for better control and so that she follows along without getting too excited. She’s not very sensitive to the sound of cars or motorcycles. Binny’s energy levels are moderate, so one or two 30-minute walks per day should be sufficient.

She doesn’t shed much. Her barking is average.

Needs help with
Since Binny has almost no experience riding in cars, she gets anxious and will need further training to feel more comfortable. She’s also afraid of the cone, so she’s currently being trained to be okay with them.

Health Specifics
She only has a few teeth left, so she needs regular oral care, as well as proper paw care as she also has pododermatitis. Her stools are often quite loose so she also needs to take probiotics.

Ideal family
Binny is very reliant on her dog friends, so it would be best if she could live in a family with other dogs, ideally in a calm, quiet environment. We’d love for her to meet a loving family who are willing to wait for her to adjust and settle in at her own pace.

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