Name Phoebe
Gender Female
Weight SMALL(3.8kg)
Date of Birth 1th Jan, 2018
Breed Chihuahua
Neutered O
Vaccinated in progress
Rescue Location Namyangju Breeding Village
Training Leash trained,Uses Pee Pads,Recall trained,

Rescue Story
Phoebe was rescued from Building E of the Namyangju puppy mill. The place was covered in filth inside, and the stench was so bad that it was difficult for us to even keep our eyes open. In this unimaginably harsh environment, the puppy mill operators forced the dogs to reproduce by injecting them with oxytocics and antibiotics, taking away any puppies that had managed to survive. The dogs were cut off from the world and suffered their entire lives, forced to repeatedly conceive and give birth. For years, breeders have been illegally breeding small, popular breeds on a massive scale. When WEACT raided Building E, we found the tick- and lice-covered corpse of a dog who hadn’t even gone into rigor mortis in the same pen as still-living dogs. The dogs could only escape this place when they died or when they were handed over to a slaughterhouse. There’s no clearer reason why pet shops must be shut down. Phoebe, who had been used as a slave for breeding to satisfy human greed, was finally freed from this hell last winter.

Phoebe, our perfect little lady, loves people! Whenever she sees them, she looks like she’s on top of the world, and when you pet her, she’ll lie on the floor in a bow. She loves being petted so much that she’ll stand on her hind legs and beg for attention with her front paws outstretched, so she needs a family who will give her all the love she needs. But she does find it a little uncomfortable to be suddenly picked up and held, so it’s a good idea to just stroke her gently until she’s more comfortable. Phoebe is a social butterfly who gets along well with her canine friends, and the little genius knows how to use her potty pad indoors. She also loves to eat and isn’t very picky about her food, so as long as you manage her weight, she’ll be perfect!

With humans
Phoebe loves humans and will shower just about anyone with attention, regardless of their gender or age. She hasn’t encountered children before, but Phoebe will probably like kids who can be gentle with her :)

With dogs
Phoebe is a friendly dog who makes friends easily. She hasn’t met dogs who are bigger than her yet, but seeing how great she’s been with her smaller friends makes us think that she’ll get along just fine with bigger dogs as well.

With cats
Phoebe has never met cats before.

Energy Level
Phoebe isn’t much of an energizer – she prefers getting attention from people. She likes sitting and being petted more than she likes going outside to run around, so one walk per day will probably be plenty for her.

Her shedding is moderate. She’s very quiet – we’ve never seen her bark before.

Needs help with
She’s learned to go potty on the pad, but she hasn’t quite mastered the art so she sometimes misses. She’ll need continued training after adoption so she can make the pad 100% of the time. She doesn’t know basic commands (paw, sit, wait, etc) yet, but she’s a smart girl with great focus, so we’re sure she’ll learn quickly if you teach her step by step!

Health Specifics
Phoebe has a very good appetite and will eat almost anything, but she tends to gain weight easily because her activity level isn’t as high as her food intake. She’ll need a controlled diet and an appropriate amount of exercise.

Ideal family
Phoebe will likely do really well without problems if she’s given lots of love. She’s never had a family of her own, so we’re hoping she can be adopted by someone who can devote a lot of time to her and shower her with affection. It would be best for Phoebe to live in a household without other dogs and without young children who require a lot of care. It would be even better if she could go to a home with many family members rather than a one- or two-member household so she can be loved by lots of people! Phoebe’s waiting for a forever family who can show her that people are trustworthy beings who can make her feel safe and loved :)

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