Name Cherry
Weight SMALL(8.9kg)
Date of Birth
Breed Mix
Neutered O
Vaccinated Complete
Rescue Location Gumi Dog Hell

Rescue Story
Even in the heat of summer in 2021, the Gumi Dog Hell was true misery. A tip led us to almost a dozen dogs left without drinking water in an unventilated store, with temperatures approaching 38C. And then to more than 70 dogs held in cages by the same owner, in a field not far away. This had left them all without even basic care. In that hell in Gumi, we found Cherry, her babies in her womb, without even a sip of water. Cherry helped her little family come into the world safely, and since then she has been finding peace and discovering a new life. And as she discovers herself, she has begun to let herself trust, and reveal herself bit by bit. This process is what she is waiting to share with her new family.

Of all the dogs her foster has had with her, Cherry is her favorite. She loves to take walks with her the most, and see how Cherry can forget all her fears and express her happiness with her whole body. You will see this for yourself with her, and if you know her story, it is truly moving to see this change come over her, these will be moments you remember with her for sure. There are other little things that we have seen change – like how she never used to like to be touched, but these days she will lean her head towards you when you stroke her. Or when she goes out for walks or on the playground, how she makes eye contact, just checking to make sure you are there, and how she runs to you when you call her. She still is a bit fussy about eating – usually she eats well, but on some days she won’t even touch her favorite treats. Maybe you just need to read her mood!

With humans
Cherry is still so shy in the beginning, but if you give her time to open her heart to you, she will allow you to stroke her and take treats from your hand. She's not the type to show affection and demand love, but she knows how to show her feelings towards people. Every action that Cherry has showed us has had meaning, and these little changes were so moving to see, because they showed us she was willing to let us into her world. You will get to experience these same things with her – with the same feelings. Give her a chance and she will surely win you over in no time! Then you’ll just need to let her catch up!

With dogs
Cherry is a well-mannered lady, which helps her get along well with any friend. She has been living in a foster home, where she has had many other companions pass through, all WeACT rescues. Her foster mother has said Cherry is very adaptable, and gets along well with other dogs she has lived with. She likes to go for walks, but she seems to prefer company, with another dog she trusts, rather than going alone. There have been no issues with socializing. She is a bit hesitant towards new friends who come up to her, but it doesn’t take her long to break the ice – we have seen this both at home and when she is at dog playgrounds, and she would be happy with regular chances to get out and socialize. She is truly so gentle, and there is no such thing as aggression in her vocabulary. Even if other dogs bark at Cherry as they pass by, she will not react.

With cats
She hasn’t yet directly interacted with them in the same space, but she wasn't too interested in stray cats outside.

Energy Level
Cherry needs to go out at least 3 times a day – this as much part of her bathroom rituals as it is just to get her the exercise she needs. Every walk doesn’t need to be an epic journey, but she does like to get out to explore, and seems to feel happiness when she gets a change of scenery. When she goes to a dog playground or park, she really shows off her energy, and enjoys racing around with her friends. Ideally, if your home has a yard, she would certainly be happy getting out to run around whenever she wants.

Cherry hardly ever barks, but recently she has started barking a little. Perhaps this means that she has adapted to her home, so you might see this as well when she gets comfortable. Also, her shedding tends to be less than usual for Jindo mixes.

Needs help with
She is still afraid of loud noises, sudden movements, or being followed from behind, basically if she is startled by sounds and actions that she isn’t expecting. Cherry will need time to adapt to a home with young children, and might never be very comfortable with many children screaming and running around.

Health Specifics
She was given the name Cherry because when we found her she had a red growth in her right eye. Even after an operation to remove it, she still tends to shed a lot of tears. She also had a dislocated patella, but it has improved a lot as she increased her activity. Be gentle when holding her, and exercise, nutritional supplements, and massage for her back legs are all necessary to help manage her health.

Ideal family
Cherry needs her new family to help her have fun and enjoy life. But the thing she would need most is reassurance, that she is safe, and can rest without worries. She needs her family to be patient, to take the time to let her settle down, and understand that nothing she's afraid of will happen. Cherry still often gets surprised by sudden movements or sounds. It's gotten a lot better now, but there are still moments where she reacts. She needs a calm atmosphere with her new family, rather than one with too much activity. If you have a dog in the house, Cherry could be their new best friend – providing that they are calm and gentle as well.

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