Name Candy
Weight SMALL(5kg)
Date of Birth
Breed Mix
Neutered O
Vaccinated complete
Rescue Location Gumi Dog Hell

Rescue Story
During the sweltering 2021 summer, WEACT witnessed atrocities in Gumi after acting on an informant tip. In a closed down lighting store, tens of dogs were neglected without any water. There was no air ventilation in temperatures reaching 38C. We also discovered about 70 dogs owned by the same owner nearby. The dogs were enduring conditions that humans could barely stand in. To our dismay, the owner was not even aware of his wrongdoings. Thanks to the many volunteers and rescuers, we were able to present our precious rescues with new lives.

Candy loves playing with her friends. Her energetic and bubbly personality shines when she’s with them. However, she needs time to warm up to humans, so we ask for your patience. She can also drink water and potty if you give her space or stay quietly beside her. Although she prefers walking over going to the dog park, she enjoys running as well! Visiting the dog park for a short period of time or running beside her will make Candy happy. She would show loving glances for you or remain by your side after her runs. Also, Candy used to refuse doing anything she disliked. She is slowly learning how to give up on certain things and that there are times that she must do things that she dislikes. She can growl to express her disapproval, but she takes no action so there is no need to be afraid of her. If she stubbornly tries to go to a different direction during her walks, please give her some time or give into her demands at first. She will then follow your directions. Candy also finds solace by leaning on walls or trees. It will be a big help for Candy’s adjustment if there is a place for her to lean at her new home.

With humans
Although Candy does not prefer humans to approach her, she is a curious soul that observes faces of passersby! She also allows touches by strangers and sniffs them depending on her mood.

With dogs
We believe Candy prefers male over female dogs. It’s only a preference and she does not dislike female dogs. She loves all doggo friends regardless of their size or gender! There are no restrictions in her adjusting to doggo friendships!

With cats
Candy has no issues with cats. She is currently fostered with cats and does not mind them being around her. She may ask the cats to play with her when there is no one in the house, which may annoy the cats.

Energy Level
Candy currently goes on a walk once a day, which seems to satisfy her activity level. Because she loves going on walks, she would love to go out more often!

There is shedding. We have not seen Candy bark yet, but she whimpers and growls if she wants to express something.

Needs help with
Candy is not yet fond of human touch. However, she relies on human affection when she is feeling down. She may also howl if there is no one in the house, but we believe this can be fixed if she is not left alone for a long time and as she adjusts to her new life living with humans. She dislikes baths and combing, but she seems more comfortable if you approach her gently and by lowering your position.

Health Specifics
We believe there are no food or environmental allergies, but she tears up a lot.

Ideal family
Because Candy loves being around friends, we’d love to find her a home with another dog. She can be anxious if there are no dogs. It does not matter how many dogs are at the home. We believe she will be able to adjust easier with other dogs in the home. She is not fond of humans yet, but she relies on humans. It will be great if we can find her a family that shows her patience and unwavering support.

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