Name Twinkle
Gender Female
Weight SMALL(5kg)
Date of Birth 6th Dec, 2015
Breed Maltese
Neutered O
Vaccinated Complete
Rescue Location Namyangju Breeding Village
Training Leash trained,Harness trained,Uses Pee Pads,Potty trained,Knows “Sit”,Knows “Wait”,Knows “Down”,Gives Paws,

Rescue Story
Twinkle was rescued from the Namyangju Breeding Farm Village, from truly appalling conditions. The whole place could be described as hell, but the building where she was found was truly the worst part. There was no light, and there was no way to escape the stench of excrement accumulated for years. The dogs held here were prisoners, held in cages or in narrow spaces, and could not dream of seeing the sunlight, or breathing fresh air, or running freely on solid ground. Twinkle was in poor health, and was one of those immediately rushed to the vet. But she has recovered, and is now ready and willing to see all of the world that was kept from her.

Curious Princess Twinkle likes to wander around and investigate her surrounding, even in unfamiliar places. She's still afraid of being touched and hugged by strangers, but she can open her heart if given time. Her initial time in foster care had made us think she had a timid and quiet personality, but as time has passed, she has been showing her character to the fullest. It's beyond endearing to see how Twinkle is so happy about little things, like after going for a walk the way she runs around the living room and barks for a treat. Or when her foster returns home, she will quietly come to the front door and wag her tail to greet them. Or when her meals are being prepared, how she bounces around to express her joy. She cluing in to her training, knowing that she'll get praise for using her peepads – she will wait expectantly for her for her treat after she's done. We are looking forward to seeing how more experiences and a chance to grow will see Twinkle shine so much brighter.

With humans
Twinkle is more curious about and comfortable with women rather than men. And although she is a little apprehensive around unfamiliar people, she will get better and approach them slowly. With children, she is curious enough to approach and smell them. If her adoptive family does have children, you should educate them to be cautious about suddenly lifting or holding Twinkle, as she is older with a weak heart.

With dogs
Since Twinkle used to live with other dogs, in her new home she should be fine coexisting with another companion. But she will not actively seek out company, she will never go up to another dog to play. She also tends to be afraid of other dogs approaching her too excitedly. In the home and overall, she is more comfortable with quiet, gentle, easy-going friends who will give her space.

With cats
Never encountered a cat.

Energy Level
Twinkle's energy level isn't on the high side. Even if she goes out for a walk, the longest she’ll want to go is about 40 minutes, and if she goes out twice a day, 20 minutes each time is enough. She will be happy enough wandering around the house most of the time, keeping herself busy. But she wouldn’t need monitored playtime.

Hair loss is rare due to the nature of the breed. There was no barking or howling from separation anxiety when her foster was away.

Needs help with
Twinkle can show that she is still sensitive to the things that remind her of her traumatic experiences in narrow wooden enclosure that was all she knew. She reacts to the sound of a door closing, and she is still afraid of being held in front of an open wooden door – maybe she imagines that she is being put back into her tiny space. This can be eased for her by not holding her if you need to open a door.

Health Specifics
Twinkle was recently diagnosed with pulmonary edema during a recent health checkup, a common disease among older dogs. She also suffered from extremely dry eyes, but regular eye drops have seen her tear levels increase to near-normal levels. She was also on heart medication, and has had an ear infection which means her ears needs cleaning every 3 or 4 days for now. Because of her years in the cages, she needs gentle back and leg massages periodically. She does not have any special allergies, but her digestion at times still gives her trouble, and she had diarrhea when she was fed lamb and milk. We also worry that eggs might cause her to scratch, so her foster family stopped feeding them to her.

Ideal family
It seems like Twinkle would best be adopted to a family where her position as princess would be undisputed. Considering her health issues as well, such as her eyesight and heart disease, it might be better if any children in the family were a little older, rather than very young. She needs a stable routine and her regular walks, but overall Twinkle will be able to settle comfortably into a stable and quiet environment.

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