Name Ollie
Gender 여자
Weight SMALL(5.1kg)
Date of Birth Ollie
Breed Maltese Mix
Neutered O
Vaccinated complete
Rescue Location Namyangju Breeding Village

Rescue Story
Ollie was rescued from the Namyangju Puppymill Village, that terrible prison for small-sized breeds, where so many were left to suffer in terrible conditions while their puppies were taken off to be sold like commodities, to satisfy the demands of the Korean pet industry. Ollie will never have to go through the cycle of pregnancy and the pain of losing her children – she has recovered well in her time in foster care, and seems to have found peace. And now is ready to give her heart to her lifetime family.

Ollie has a calm and gentle personality. She is quite happy with a low-key life at home – her favorite pastime is finding a comfy cushion and just laying around, not making any fuss. She takes her time approaching people – she keeps her curiosity in check until you pass the sniff test, but then she is quite happy to have your attention, even if she doesn’t show it much!

With humans
Ollie likes to be with people, just close enough where she can keep an eye on you, rather than being glued to your side – this is all part of her laid-back persona. She allows strangers to touch her once they meet her approval, and is even willing to put up with children fussing over her. She tends to be a bit more receptive to people than to other dogs.

With dogs
Much like with people, her MO is to be polite and dignified, but give her the chance to warm-up and she will make friends. She’s more comfortable with friends of a similar size – she till greet them without being too shy. She might be a bit more hesitant around bigger dogs, but she is doing pretty well with the Labrador Retriever she is currently living with in foster care.

With cats
Never encountered, even in passing.

Energy Level
As you might expect, Ollie is not terribly active. Her favorite repose is dozing on her cushy bed. She enjoys quiet, leisurely walks and roaming around the house. One of these strolls a day is usually adequate There are the occasional flurries of activity, when she comes back from her walks she might find a little energy boost and demand a little playtime. But the most energy she is likely to show is right before mealtime!

Overall Ollie won’t shed too much. She hardly ever barks, and if she does it stops as quickly as it starts, and apart from a little howling when left alone she won’t make too much noise. If she hears the sounds of dogs on the TV she might try to reply. The only other time she will make a sound is if you cough or make a sound of pain - she may whine as if she were worried about you.

Needs help with
Ollie will show a bit of uncertainty and discomfort in unfamiliar environments. However, if you give her a bit of time to investigate, you’ll see her tail gradually rising. She has a mild case of separation anxiety – a little bit of howling when she was left alone at home, but she is getting used to this. Noisy environments also give her a bit of stress. Getting her more used to new environments and helping her gain confidence is something that her new family will need to help her with.

Health Specifics
Ollie has had surgery to remove a mammary gland tumor, and her teeth and jaws were in very poor condition. She had many teeth extracted, and her jaws and gums will need monitoring and care. It has not slowed down her eating at all - she tends to eat so fast it can sometimes cause her jaw to pop, so when you might need to watch her when you feed her. Her eyes tend to accumulate a lot of mucus discharge, so you need to wipe them often.

Ideal family
Ollie is seems to crave peace and calm in her life – which isn’t surprising considering what she has been through for so many years. She’s past the point of needing constant activity, and so far she’s not a big fan of making friends with other dogs, so we think she’d be happiest in a home with an atmosphere that’s more to her speed, with a family she can have all to herself, or where her companions aren’t too exciteable. Ollie has already learned a lot, and she needs to be exposed to the things she has missed out on to help her reach her full potential. We are waiting for such a warm family who will make Ollie their top priority, embrace her, care for her, and help her grow.

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