Name Daphne
Gender Female
Weight Medium (15kg)
Date of Birth July 16, 2017
Breed Mixed
Spayed/Neutered O
Vaccinations Complete
Rescue Location Jeongeup
Characteristics Affectionate
Training Leash-trained, potty-trained, kennel-trained
Likes People, walks, food, comfy blankets, pottying outdoors
Dislikes Being alone without people, being touched suddenly

Rescue story
WEACT received a report that dogs were going to be slaughtered for “Bok-Nal” in the small town of Jeongeup. We headed there early in the morning, only to discover upon arrival that two of the dogs had already been killed. After obtaining ownership of the two surviving dogs, we began collecting the bodies of the deceased to hold a funeral. It was during this time that a dog meat truck passed by, advertising its intention to buy dogs. We tried our best to intervene without bodies, but the driver ignored us and kept going. After the truck finally stopped, we discovered three dogs confined inside a cage along with a snare used to trap them. Without hesitation, we embraced #weact_daphne, #weact_cindy, and #weact_audrey in our arms.

*Bok-nal refers to the three hottest days of summer, and unfortunately, some Koreans still eat dog meat soup for health during this time.

Daphne doesn’t need anything except love. She’s a sweet girl who absolutely adores people, and despite all the pain she’s endured from them in the past, she’s eager to shower them with affection. Although she loves to eat, she has to avoid snacks due to her tendency to develop diarrhea. She happily invites people into her space, even while eating. Daphne enjoys the smell of flowers and grass, and feeling the wind. Even though she can’t see, she navigates familiar paths with ease and relies on her heightened senses of hearing and smell. She prefers to go potty outside but if she needs to go indoors, she’ll use a pad. Daphne is a tidy lady who can locate water and food on her own whenever she desires. She enjoys being stroked on her back, belly, and chest, and welcomes all kinds of human touch. Her contented ______expression______ when she's receiving affection has a calming effect on everyone around her. When you give Daphne love, she’ll return it unconditionally.

With humans
Daphne welcomes everyone regardless of their gender. She hasn’t met a baby yet.

With dogs
Daphne isn’t very fond of other dogs. If they get too close to her, she may become startled or get defensive. She’s particularly uncomfortable around smaller dogs.

With cats
Daphne has never met a cat.

Energy level
Daphne isn’t very energetic, but she loves being outdoors. She prefers to relieve herself outside and would appreciate the opportunity to go out often, even if only for a short period of time. If she needs to be transported, please lift her in your arms and hold her close to your chest.

Daphne doesn’t shed much and has relatively low levels of hair loss. She doesn’t bark unnecessarily or demandingly, but she may respond with barking if she hears other dogs barking a lot.

Needs help with
Daphne has become uncomfortable with having her arms touched due to repeated blood draws at the vet. If it is necessary to touch her arms, please make sure to reassure her beforehand. She’s not fond of having her paws touched either, so please help her get used to it by touching them slowly.

Health specifics
Daphne is blind in both eyes and had tumor removed. Due to pancreatic issues, she can’t have treats and requires probiotic supplements for her sensitive stomach. Feeding her frequently in small portions with designated kibble is recommended. She also has a history of hepatitis.

Ideal family
Daphne may not have good eyesight, but she walks around familiar places without bumping into things. It would be ideal if her home has few obstacles or people to bump into. Having a yard or being able to go outside frequently would make her even happier since she prefers to potty outdoors. Above all, what Daphne needs is love. She absolutely loves being around people, and we hope that she’ll always be surrounded by those she enjoys being around. Providing her with hugs, pets, and verbal ____expression____s of love would greatly contribute to Daphne's sense of safety and feeling loved.

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