Name Barney
Gender Male
Weight Large (26kg)
Date of Birth September 28, 2018
Breed Jindo mix
Spayed/Neutered O
Vaccinations Complete
Rescue Location Siheung Dog Farm
Characteristics Sweet, affectionate, energetic, jealous
Training Kennel-trained
Likes Treats, walks
Dislikes Sudden movements and touch

Rescue Story
In December 2019, Yumi was found with burns all over her body after escaping from a dog farm, leading to the discovery of #SiheungDogFarm, the place where Yumi was assumed to have escaped from. Other animal rescue groups began to rescue dogs from the farm, but on Christmas Day the farm owner sent all the dogs to a different dog farm in the area. They managed to find the dogs’ whereabouts and persuaded the owner of Siheung Dog Farm to get them back, but those few days had been very traumatic for these dogs who had been born at the farm and spent their whole lives watching their friends being slaughtered. After the dogs were returned, WEACT and the volunteers kept watch day and night over the 65 dogs of Siheung Dog Farm to save them. The dogs rescued from there had extreme trauma, and their psychological scars meant it would take a lot of time and effort before they’d be ready to be adopted. Still, WEACT didn’t give up, and we’ve been working for the past three years to prepare them for adoption. Barney is one of the dogs who were rescued from Siheung Dog Farm.

The more you get to know Barney, the more you’ll realize just how charming he is! Barney is shy and tender-hearted. He’s a lot less fearful of strangers now, but he still needs a bit of time to completely open up and warm up to you. If you approach him slowly and cautiously, Barney will work up the courage to come to you too! He’s still a bit afraid of people touching him first, but he’ll come up to you and sniff you out of curiosity, and sometimes even bark to indicate that he wants to go for a walk. Barney also has a really affectionate side – he’ll rub his head against humans that he knows well, which has made many people fall in love with his charm. Barney’s a popular dog at #WEACTthehome :)

With humans
Barney is very welcoming to familiar people, often staying close to them because he knows they might have food. However, when meeting someone for the first time, he doesn't actively approach them. Barney expresses his affection by licking the heads of those he likes and occasionally chews on their hair. Please kindly discourage this behavior when it occurs.

With dogs
Barney gets on really well with #weact_glory and #weact_wolfie, who are his buddies out in the playground. He’ll be compatible with other dogs who are a similar size to him and who have a similar disposition. He hasn’t met smaller dogs yet.

With cats
Barney has never met a cat.

Energy Level
Barney is quite active. He loves going out to the playground and going for walks. He’s a pro at walking – he can walk in step by his guardian’s side and knows how to wait for them too. Barney prefers to do his business outdoors, so he needs at least two walks a day.

Barney sheds a lot during shedding season, and barks when playing or when he's inside the kennel and wants something.

Needs help with
Barney can form relationships with people when he receives comfort and care. To nurture this aspect, it's essential to consistently provide him with socialization training. Incorporating training into play and offering appropriate rewards can make the process enjoyable for him, especially since he loves treats! However, he still has some fear of human touch, so it's crucial to proceed with touch training slowly. Currently, Barney is comfortable with being touched under the face but dislikes being touched on the head. Please help him associate human touch with positive experiences. While Barney recognizes his name, he hasn't undergone recall training yet. Providing this training would be beneficial, considering his high activity level. He is likely to enjoy trips to the dog park, making it ideal for him to respond to his family's call when it's time to leave. As Barney can be enthusiastic about his food and treats, teaching him to 'wait' will help him control his excitement.

Health Specifics
Barney is healthy.

Ideal family
We hope Barney's new family is understanding of his pace and can patiently wait for him to make positive changes. Although he may not always communicate perfectly, with your understanding and effort, he'll become a sweet dog who can express himself well! Barney seems okay with both men and women, but he hasn't met children yet. Since he dislikes sudden touches, families with young children should exercise caution. To ensure Barney's smooth transition, creating a calm atmosphere and maintaining a stable daily routine would be beneficial. Barney is eagerly waiting for a forever family who will broaden his horizons and share many experiences with him.

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