Name Skye
Gender Female
Weight Large (23kg)
Date of Birth September 8, 2016
Breed Mixed
Spayed/Neutered O
Vaccinations Complete
Rescue Location Siheung Dog Farm
Characteristics Loves dog friends, gentle, thoughtful, cautious
Training Outdoor potty-trained, kennel-trained
Likes Family, treats, fields, dog friends, familiar people, food
Dislikes Being confined, large movements, loud sounds, strangers, new places, narrow roads, sudden touch

Rescue story
In December 2019, the #SiheungDogFarm entered the spotlight as the story of Yumi emerged—a dog that miraculously escaped with extensive burns covering its entire body. Another animal welfare organization initially launched a rescue operation, but on Christmas Day, the owner transferred all the animals to a different dog farm. Although their whereabouts remained elusive, persistent efforts eventually convinced the farm owner to surrender them. However, the time spent in slaughterhouses had inflicted profound trauma on these dogs. Taking charge of the situation, WEACT and volunteers provided ceaseless day and night care, leading to the successful rescue of 65 animals from the #SiheungDogFarm. Due to their profound trauma and injuries inflicted by humans, it necessitated an extended period of time and heightened effort to rehabilitate them. Even four years down the line, WEACT remains steadfast in its mission to facilitate the adoption of dogs from #SiheungDogFarm. #weact_skye was one of the rescues from this very location.

“Let's play together! With you, everything will be fun!”
Skye loves playing with her dog friends. During playtime, she's full of energy, wagging her tail and perking up her ears. If she's really excited, she'll even strike a playful pose to invite you to join in the fun! It's hard to resist her enthusiasm, as she loves playing with both people and animals. Despite her cheerful appearance, Skye has a relaxed and cautious personality. When meeting new people, she takes her time to observe her surroundings and understand them by watching their actions, rather than immediately approaching. Skye prefers to build a connection gradually and may invite you to play hide-and-seek once she feels comfortable.

With humans
When Skye encounters someone new, she may keep her distance and even decline treats. Please be patient and let her set the pace. Since she is still learning how to accept touch from people, it's advisable to begin by offering her treats with a gentle and affectionate gaze.

With dogs
Skye relies heavily on her dog friends. She gets along well with those of similar or smaller sizes, and when she encounters a compatible friend, she enjoys running around together, expressing her joy with her entire body.

With cats
Skye has never met or lived with a cat.

Energy level
Although Skye is generally not very active and maintains a relaxed demeanor most of the time, when she's in a good mood and excited, she becomes quite lively. She adores her dog friends and often relies on their company, so taking her to the dog park will make her very happy. Additionally, she loves to explore through sniffing, so on days when you don't visit the park, it's important to take her for a walk at least once a day. However, it's worth noting that Skye can become tense and vigilant when in unfamiliar places or confined spaces, so gradually expanding her walking routes can help her become more accustomed to such situations.

Skye sheds and doesn't bark very often, but please keep in mind that her behavior can change depending on the environment. She may bark in response to loud noises or when she feels scared.

Needs help with
Skye is apprehensive in unfamiliar places and may consider turning back. Offering treats to ease her anxiety in these situations can be helpful. Occasionally, she may attempt to eat her own feces, so it's vital to intervene appropriately for her health. Moreover, consistent human interaction and socialization are crucial to help her overcome her fear of people. Since Skye has limited experience living with people, please be patient while providing potty training, leash walking, and other methods to help her adjust to life with humans, ensuring it's a positive and enjoyable experience.

Health specifics
Skye is in excellent health! Since she's seven years old, it's important to continue caring for her health to ensure she enjoys a happy and healthy life.

Ideal family
We hope Skye's new family can patiently wait for her to open her heart. She enjoys playful moments when she's with her dog friends, so if there are resident dogs, she will learn and adapt while relishing her time with them. It's perfectly fine to provide a loving home without other dogs. However, Skye may not be suitable for families with young children who may not understand her temperament, but a family willing to invest time and effort in understanding her would be best. She’s afraid of small or enclosed spaces, so please ensure she is not left alone in a room and help her gradually overcome this fear. While Skye has a relaxed personality, she occasionally expresses excitement by striking a playful pose. We are seeking a responsible and committed lifelong family that will ensure Sky’s happiness and share various experiences together.

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