Name Willa
Gender Female
Weight Medium (19kg)
Date of Birth December 16, 2019
Breed Mixed
Spayed/Neutered O
Vaccinations Complete
Rescue Location Eumseong Slaughterhouse
Characteristics Energetic, cautious
Training Outdoor potty-trained, kennel-trained
Likes Treats, dog playground, dog friends, familiar people, family, food
Dislikes Large movements, loud sounds, strangers

Rescue story
WEACT received a video report in June 2021, which depicted a clear violation of animal protection laws: a dog was hanged by the neck and set on fire while still alive. Despite our swift response, when we arrived at the scene the next day, the dog from the video had already been brutally slaughtered. The surviving dogs at the location were confined in cages, forced to witness the horrifying ordeal of their companion being cruelly tortured and dying in agony in a roaring cauldron. WEACT rescued these nine dogs and reported the perpetrators for violating animal protection laws, resulting in fines. We also secured a promise from local authorities to dismantle the illegal facilities operating as slaughterhouses. #weact_willa has now left behind the scene of cruelty to face a brighter world.

"I'm an adventurer! Shall we start by getting to know each other?"
Willa is exceptionally brave. She freely explores the playground at The Home, relishing the views. When she encounters something new or unfamiliar, her curiosity drives her to investigate eagerly. When meeting other dogs, she approaches them with enthusiasm, showing great interest. As Willa willingly shares her favorite treats and toys with her friends, there's no doubt she's a beloved leader.

With humans
Willa barks at strangers and remains cautious, but beneath that, curiosity simmers. This is her first experience with random acts of kindness, so she might bark due to awkwardness and struggle to accept human touch. Please try to understand Willa's feelings first. With patience, she will slowly open up, wag her tail, and recognize you from a distance, extending greetings.

With dogs
Willa gets along well with other dogs, regardless of their size or gender. She is often the first to approach and greet new friends, displaying a great deal of interest. Watching her run across wide fields with like-minded companions is truly a sight to behold!

With cats
Willa hasn't met or lived with cats before.

Energy level
Willa requires two walks a day. She tends to get anxious around loud noises and the sound of passing cars, often taking a step back and walking slowly. However, once she becomes accustomed, she will walk alongside.

Willa sheds and tends to bark loudly when other dogs pass by her kennel. She may also bark when expressing her emotions or feeling wary or scared.

Needs help with
In her heart, Willa knows that a person's touch is not a threat to her, but she has not yet reached a state of complete trust. It is crucial to provide her with the experience and assurance that she can trust people. Since she still finds touch challenging, please patiently lead her through touch training gradually. Willa relieves herself both indoors and outdoors. However, her success rate with indoor potty pads is around 60-70%, so consistent potty training is recommended. Willa is currently learning to go on walks and can feel anxious when her leash is being put on, in the presence of loud noises, or in unfamiliar surroundings. Please help her become accustomed to these situations so she can fully enjoy her walks.

Health specifics
Willa's liver values have increased, so she receives a liver supplement with her evening meal. Otherwise, she is healthy.

Ideal family
Willa requires a significant amount of time to adjust, so her future family must be able to patiently wait for her. Instead of actively engaging with her during this adjustment period, we hope you can understand her from a step behind and support her in her own way. Since she's fearful of city noise, such as the sound of cars, a calm suburban setting may be preferable for her home. However, if you live in a city and wish to adopt Willa, please take the time to help her adapt to urban life. She gets along well with other dogs, so if you have resident dogs, she will likely fit in comfortably. With a loving family, Willa can become braver over time, and all she needs is constant trust. We are seeking a lifelong family for Willa, someone who can be her reliable support throughout her journey of growth.

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