Name Benny
Gender Male
Weight Small (6.9kg)
Date of Birth August 31, 2018
Breed Mixed
Spayed/Neutered O
Vaccinations Complete
Rescue Location #NeglectedDogsInAShed
Characteristics Loves dog friends, timid, cautious
Training Kennel-trained
Likes Treats, quiet space, dog friends, kennel, food
Dislikes Large gestures, loud noises, strangers, thunderstorm sounds, sudden touch, new environments

Rescue story
WEACT headed to a rural village in Mungyeong after receiving a report about dogs being neglected in a shed. Their former owner had been ignorant of the importance of spay/neuter and of how dogs should be cared for in general, leading to the dogs suffering neglect that bordered on abuse. It took three separate trips to rescue the 50 dogs, who had been living in a filthy environment for a long time. #weact_benny was one of the precious souls who managed to survive in this harsh environment, and he has finally started to get to know the big, beautiful world outside the shed.

"I'm still afraid of people, but it would be alright with you."
Benny's first encounter with humans taught him fear. Having suffered abuse, he had no choice but to be on guard to protect himself. That's why he tends to rely more on his dog friends who have stood by his side. Since his rescue, however, Benny has gradually been opening his heart, thanks to the care he's received from the people at The Home. For Benny, a life with humans may feel like a long and challenging journey. But if you're ready to stand by his side with unwavering faith, he will eventually hold family above all else in his heart. So, are you ready to set out on an adventure with Benny?

With humans
While Benny likes people, his past experiences have left him highly fearful and cautious, causing him to keep his distance. Physical touch is possible within confined spaces, but he doesn’t particularly enjoy it. Moreover, his unease intensifies as people approach him. Please give Benny sufficient time to build trust gradually by closing the distance slowly.

With dogs
When meeting new dogs or those larger than him, Benny tends to be growl and remain vigilant. As he spends more time with his friends, Benny becomes more comfortable and relies on them more. However, during the initial stages, it's important to carefully assess the situation and intervene if needed to prevent Benny’s initial caution from escalating into conflicts.

With cats
Benny has never met or lived with cats.

Energy level
Benny is quite active and requires two walks a day, one in the morning and one at night. Since being part of a family might feel new to him, please prioritize helping him adjust during the initial period. Later on, gradually introduce walks and new experiences to assist him in settling in.

Benny sheds fur and tends to bark at strangers. Additionally, when he's resting inside his kennel, he barks when he sees people or dog friends passing by in front.

Needs help with
Please teach Benny love and trust by showering him with affection and care. This will help him, as he has primarily learned to be cautious and protect himself, regain his trust and expectations in people. As Benny begins to adapt and establish trust, gradually introduce him to new experiences like potty training, leash training, and adjusting to life with humans. Use a variety of treats that he likes, and provide short, frequent training sessions to help him stay focused.

Health specifics
In January 2023, Benny was hospitalized for generalized seizure symptoms. Although no additional seizures occurred during the hospitalization, he has a history of using anticonvulsant medication as a precaution. While no further abnormal behaviors or seizures have been seen, he requires continuous and meticulous care.

Ideal family
A compassionate and patient family would be perfect for Benny. Due to his high anxiety, he might reject treats and toys, seeking comfort in corners or his kennel. He's also fearful of noises such as bicycles and trucks, and unfamiliar environments. Therefore, please be his pillar, helping him feel secure and facilitating his adjustment. Benny is slowly gaining the courage to learn and adapt, and patiently guiding him, no matter how long it takes, is invaluable. He's also gradually overcoming his fear of humans and pushing himself to get closer to them. With ongoing patience and trust, he can learn to depend on humans instead of relying solely on himself, helping him move beyond his instinctual self-protection.

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