Name Adel
Gender Female
Weight Small (7.4kg)
Date of Birth February 25, 2022
Breed Mixed
Spayed/Neutered O
Vaccinations Complete
Rescue Location #NeglectedDogsInAShed
Characteristics Loves other dogs, calm, cautious
Training Kennel-trained
Likes Treats, dog friends, praises, familiar people, food
Dislikes Large gestures, loud noises, strangers, sudden touch, new environments

Rescue story
WEACT headed to a rural village in Mungyeong after receiving a report about dogs being neglected in a shed. Their former owner had been ignorant of the importance of spay/neuter and of how dogs should be cared for in general, leading to the dogs suffering neglect that bordered on abuse. It took three separate trips to rescue the 50 dogs, who had been living in a filthy environment for a long time. #weact_adel was one of the precious souls who managed to survive in this harsh environment, and she has finally started to get to know the big, beautiful world outside the shed.

The place where Adel was rescued from was a place where novelty equated to danger. She could only trust in other dogs whom she grew up with. When she was in the company of her pack, she would muster up confidence and sometimes even put on a show, barking and throwing out a tough demeanor around unfamiliar faces. But after spending some time at The Home, Adel gradually revealed a different side! It turns out she has a mischievous side and enjoys playing with toys. She especially likes to take toys into her kennel and play with them alone for hours! While Adel expresses her affection to people she likes, she still finds it difficult to feel at ease in unfamiliar places and to people. In the presence of unfamiliar volunteers, she avoids leaving her space, panting nervously. Nonetheless, in a confined space where Adel feels familiar and safe, she is open to touch and doesn’t mind wearing a leash. Just as one's surroundings begin to appear gradually after being in the darkness, Adel is slowly transforming novelty into familiarity.

With humans
Adel still hasn't overcome her fear of people. In the presence of strangers, she displays her unease and refuses to come outside. However, when she's in good spirits, Adel shows affection by playfully attempting to embrace her beloved volunteers and caregivers. While she tolerates being touched, it doesn't appear to be her favorite thing. She also shows some apprehension when it comes to being cleaned with wet wipes, although she still allows her paws to be attended to. Adel is curious about people, but she is unsure of how to approach and remains fearful, so she requires a lot of help and understanding.

With dogs
As much as Adel likes other dogs, she also relies on their company. She enjoys playtime regardless of her friends' sizes, as long as they're a good match. She's even generous when it comes to sharing water bowls and treats. However, when confronted with unfamiliar faces, she adopts a protective stance. This behavior appears to be rooted in the comfort and confidence she gains from her attachment to specific canine companions. When Adel is socializing with other dogs, it's important to be ready to step in if necessary.

With cats
Adel has never encountered cats.

Energy level
Adel is full of energy and would benefit from leisurely, long walks twice a day, in the morning and evening. While she remains calm when alone with her guardian, she unleashes boundless energy when in the company of her dog friends, happily sprinting around fields.

Adel sheds fur and barks when she wants to leave her kennel and around strangers due to fear. Her apprehension intensifies when she's with other dogs.

Needs help with
Adel relieves herself both indoors and outdoors. She's becoming accustomed to using indoor potty pads, with a success rate of about 50%. When her name is called, she may or may not respond – showcasing her free-spirited nature. Therefore, it’s crucial for her guardian to remain attentive and provide guidance. She readily identifies her kennel as a safe haven and enters willingly. However, she becomes notably apprehensive when she observes people or dogs passing by from the inside. As a result, we've decided to postpone placing a kennel in her private space for now. Putting on a leash makes Adel slightly nervous, though she manages it well when it's done slowly. While she generally walks nicely on a leash, there might be moments of sudden resistance or even attempts to walk on her hind legs. Additionally, she becomes more anxious in unfamiliar environments, so consistent training is necessary during walks. Because Adel gets scared and stays on guard when she sees people, it’s essential to continuously build trust and proceed with touch training gradually.

Health specifics
Adel is healthy.

Ideal family
A calm and patient family is the right fit for Adel. Given her fear of humans, she needs assistance in learning to socialize and build trust over time. Additionally, they should offer reassurance due to her discomfort in unfamiliar environments and around people. Adel's behavior is significantly influenced by the presence of other dogs. If there are resident dogs, it's important to understand her temperament and take appropriate steps to ensure compatibility. It's worth noting that her behavior has shown remarkable improvement, such as being observed relaxing under a blanket in her space. This progress is especially meaningful given her history of constant vigilance. We're hopeful that Adel will find a family who can patiently wait for her to adjust at her own pace and provide unwavering support.

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