Name Bagel
Gender Female
Weight Medium (5.8kg)
Date of Birth May 20, 2021
Breed Spitz
Spayed/Neutered O
Vaccinations In Progress
Rescue Location Namyangju Breeding Facility
Characteristics Affectionate, timid, gentle, scaredy-cat
Training Knows "sit," recall
Likes Treats, walks, meat, foster mom
Dislikes Dogs that are too playful, loud and sudden noises, being touched from behind

Rescue story
After receiving a tip about five abandoned dogs and the remains of another, WEACT went to a breeding facility in Ilpae-dong, Namyangju. It had been two years since our last visit, but the place appeared frozen in time, hardly different from before. The dogs' lives hadn't improved at all, suffering from neglect as the local authorities turned a blind eye. They were left to scavenge for food in constant hunger and forced into continuous breeding and birthing cycles. When the breeder became aware of our rescue attempt, he tried to secretly relocate the dogs under the cover of night. During this process, we also discovered and saved additional mother dogs and their pups hidden in nearby vacant lots, neighboring yards, and even inside homes. Through persistent persuasion and negotiation, we finally convinced the unscrupulous breeder to give up ownership. With the assistance of the KK9 organization, we successfully rescued all the dogs in the breeder’s possession. Among them, #weact_bagel was abandoned by a breeder to an animal hoarder due to her breed no longer being popular. She endured multiple pregnancies and births, only to face abandonment once more. However, she has now found her way to WEACT, ready to embark on a new chapter in life.

How many times has Bagel, estimated to be around two years old, given birth? There have been numerous instances where she had to prioritize the protection of herself and her puppies over enjoying carefree moments. Even during the rescue, Bagel was with her pup, #weact_chip, and until recently, she devoted herself to his care more than her own. As a result, she became slightly more sensitive and exhibited a fear of human touch. Upon her arrival in her foster home, Bagel maintained a vigilant stance towards her foster mom and barked throughout the day. However, within a month, a transformation occurred. The barking subsided, and now she initiates contact with her foster mom, wearing a contented smile, inviting endless pets and affection. Occasionally, she strolls in a zigzag pattern during walks, yet she demonstrates excellent behavior and leash manners. Bagel has developed a liking for marking during walks and confidently kicks her hind legs afterwards. Indoors, she's a sweetheart who only looks at her foster mom without any fuss. While she still remains cautious around strangers, an attentive and gradual approach is necessary. However, her affection for people is growing every day.

With humans
Bagel is playful and affectionate with her guardian, but she requires time to become comfortable around new people. In uncomfortable situations, she may growl as a warning. Therefore, it's crucial to be vigilant, especially in busy scenarios involving children or multiple individuals.

With dogs
Bagel can approach other dogs, but she doesn't necessarily like them. Providing natural encounters to help her learn how to interact and play with them is necessary.

With cats
She hasn't lived with cats before.

Energy level
Until recently, Bagel was focused on caring for her puppy, which limited her activity opportunities. She's well-trained for outdoor potty breaks and can wait until she's outside. It would be best to offer her three walks a day, even if they primarily serve as bathroom breaks.

Bagel sheds quite a bit and may bark when startled by sudden noises.

Needs help with
Bagel might inadvertently bark or exhibit nipping behavior if she becomes frightened by sudden loud noises or actions. It's advisable to avoid approaching her from behind without making any noise and to gradually increase physical contact at a pace that she's comfortable with. Despite her fearful nature, she maintains a curious outlook on the world, showing interest in various experiences. Given her high level of intelligence, she's poised to make significant strides when exposed to positive encounters.

Health specifics
Bagel is currently undergoing treatment for heartworm and also has an infection in her right ear, requiring continuous care.

Ideal family
Witnessing Bagel's remarkable transformation during her time in a foster home underscores the extent of love and attention she truly required. Now, there's just one essential thing on Bagel's wishlist: a forever family to nurture her growth and provide unwavering support. While she approaches people with caution, her affection for them remains intact. It's important to avoid leaving her alone for extended periods at home. Given her history of childbirth and the subsequent need for recovery, an environment in which Bagel can enjoy tranquil moments would be the perfect fit. What Bagel also needs is stability and security, so she can experience the joy of being a young pup again, something she missed out on due to becoming a mother at a very young age. A loving home that embraces Bagel with affection would be a wonderful match, easing her slightly sensitive disposition and allowing her to unwind.

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