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Korea US/CA
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Flight Volunteer
WEACT is looking for ticketed passengers traveling to the US, Canada or UK via Korean Air, Asiana or Air Canada. Koreans generally prefer smaller dogs but most of our rescue dogs are medium to big breeds, which makes overseas adoption their only chance at finding forever homes. WEACT prepares all the necessary paperwork and pays for the dog’s flight cost. As a flight volunteer, you just need to come to the airport 30minutes earlier than scheduled.
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Transport Volunteer(KR)
WEACT is looking for transport volunteers in Korea. Domestic transport volunteers are the most essential part of rescue work: rescued dogs need to be transported from dogmeat farms to vets, from vets to fosters or boarding facilities then to airports. You can be a transport volunteer by using a car, subway, train, or domestic planes.
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Foster families play an extremely crucial role in rescue dogs' getting a real opportunity at adoption. At a foster home, dogs get to live in a home for the first time, surrounded by love and care. Rescue dogs get to learn that not all humans are bad, which is the beginning of their rehabilitation process. To become a WEACT foster, fill out an application.
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Donations Since November 2016, WEACT adopted out over 500 dogs rescued from dogmeat farms, slaughterhouses, and various abuse cases. WEACT manages the entire process from the initial rescue of the dog from the farm, vetting, rehabilitation to adoption. WEACT is 100% volunteer-run and operates solely on talent donations. Every single cent of the donation is used for rescue dogs’ journeys to their forever homes. ACT WITH US and consider donating to help rescue more lives!
Supply Donation Currently, we have over 40 dogs at boarding and training facilities in addition to 40+ dogs at foster homes. Dog food, supplies, monthly meds, and treats are always needed, and appreciated! For supply donations, contact us at
Talent Donation WEACT is 100% volunteer-run and operates solely on talent donations. Among WEACT crew and volunteers, there are photographers, videographers, filmmakers, designers, translators, trainers, musicians, and other creators. We are always looking for volunteers who can diversify the talent pool and save more lives with us! Email your inquiries to