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WE ACT for abused dogs, comfort them, so they can thrive.
'Pet' dogs vs. 'Meat' dogs
In South Korea, one in every four households lives with pets. Despite the country's shift toward a pet-loving culture, countless dogs are inhumanely and cruelly killed in dogmeat farms on a daily basis. Animal rights laws are inadequate and rarely enforced, making innocent dogs victims of violence. WEACT rescues abused dogs, comforts their minds and bodies, and helps them thrive in their new homes through direct action(ACT).
WEACT has saved over 600 dogs from the brink of death and found loving forever families for over 500 dogs.
WEACT rescues dogs from dogmeat farms and abuse in South Korea. We also rescue dogs from hoarding cases. WEACT crew manages the entire process from the initial rescue to its adoption for every single WEACT dog.
Treatment & Rehabilitation
Most dogmeat farm rescues are exposed to parasites and diseases. As soon as dogs are rescued, they’re thoroughly tested and treated until healthy. After vetting, we start rehabilitating their mental trauma through socialization and training if necessary.
Foster & Adopt
Once our dogs are ready for adoption, we review adoption applications, conduct cyber home-checks and interviews to find the best match for the dog and its new family. We maintain regular contact with our adopters to continuously monitor each dog's well-being after adoption. Since 2016, WEACT has successfully rehomed over 500 dogs.
Founded by two women, who ran into each other cleaning up dog poop at a dogmeat farm.
Annie Ham, Founder
Ivy Yoon, Co-founder
On July 22nd 2018, Ivy and Annie ran into each other on Hanam dogmeat farm: Annie was cleaning up dog poop and Ivy was transporting her rescue dogs. The two instantly connected because they were glad to meet another English speaker and they shared a common passion: saving dogs. Little did they know at the time that this chance encounter will eventually turn into a formidable friendship that has rescued over 600 Korean dogs together.
Designer, Artist, Cellist, Teacher, Researcher, Business Owner, a.k.a. Korean dogs' guardians.
Moonyoung Joe, Management
Jina Im, Project
Minhie Hong, Project
Hyunsun Park, Adoption
Chanmi Park, Foster
Sieun Lee, Foster
Jimin Kim, Foster
Yemin Lee, Flight
Jeongmin Lee, Accounting
Haeri Shin, Accounting
Minha Kim, Social Media
Minho Kang, Reports
Our Partners
It takes a global village to save and rehome Korean rescue dogs! Our international network of partner rescue groups & organizations is the key to our rescue dogs' freedom & happiness.
We are open to any suggestions to work together under the values we share: rescue abused dogs, comfort them, so they can thrive. If you're interested in partnering, email us at