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Flight Volunteer

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flight volunteer!

Flight volunteers help our rescue dogs take the last step to their furever families and complete the rescue. We are looking for ticketed passengers traveling to the US or Canada via Korean Air, Asiana or Air Canada. We prepare all the necessary documents for the dog’s travel and cover the costs. As a flight volunteer, all you need to do is come to the airport 30 minutes earlier than scheduled to meet with us and the dogs.

Transport Volunteers in Korea

Domestic transport volunteers are the most essential part of rescue operations: rescued dogs need to be transported from dogmeat farms to vets, from vets to foster homes or our training facility, from our shelter to the airport, etc. We are always in need of transport volunteers within Korea. You can be a transport volunteer by driving your own car, or taking the subway, the train or domestic planes.

Foster families play an extremely crucial role in rescue dogs' getting a real opportunity at adoption. At a foster home, dogs get to live in a home for the first time, surrounded by love and care. Rescue dogs get to learn that not all humans are bad, which is the beginning of their rehabilitation process. To become a WEACT foster, fill out an application.